Modern “prefabricated panel”: a new high-quality product or the legacy of the USSR?

Daniil Sharapov, chief project engineer of the Metropolis company, has commented on Novostroy-SPb on the prevalence and relevance of the construction of prefabricated houses, as well as combined technologies in the framework of one project.  

Upcoming Digitalization

Oleg Baranov, Deputy General Director of Metropolis, spoke about the features of the transition to BIM-technologies in the company for the publication Kommersant

Happy Builder's Day!

Congratulations on your upcoming professional holiday!

There are not enough designers

The shortage of personnel in the design market is still not overcome. But now new traditional ones not previously demanded by the market have begun to be added to traditional specialties.


Olympiad 2014 has changed the approach to the design and construction of sports facilities in our country.