Case Championship BIM in the city

0koUE4lAHxw.jpgOn April, 17, 2019, the final competitions of the All-Russia case championship organized by Metropolis jointly withthe National research Moscow State university of Civil Engineering took place.

For the second year running the Institute for Economics, Management and Data systems in construction and real estate together with the department for practical training of the Academic Activities Centre are holding an event of such format. It allows to immerse students in solving actual tasks of the industry. Naturally, the case championship is a global educational trend that helps the participants to develop their soft and hard skills, and employees - to meet talented students in person.

This year students of the National research Moscow State university of Civil Engineering competed with teams from other higher educational institutions: Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G.Shukhov, Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Voronezh State technical university, with the subject of the competition being Information modeling of city buildings.

Over 60 teams - more than 380 persons, applied for participation. However, only 16 teams - 100 persons, succeeded in the first task. Only 5 teams - 35 persons, passed the second main stage. There were 4 universities competing in their skills while defending projects at the onsite final stage.

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Solutions of the first stage of the case were estimated by a dedicated jury consisting of teachers of the National research Moscow State university of Civil Engineering, head of IEUIS students' intellectual club and a representative of BIM department of Metropolis. The second main stage of modeling was supervised by dedicated specialists of respective design chapters (Architectural, Structural, Plumbing, HVAC, Construction management plan, BIM manager) of Metropolis, teachers of the department for Information systems, technologies and automation in construction: Elena Ignatova, Olga Kuzina, Konstantin Losev and Sergey Fyodorov.

Experts from Metropolis that provided consultancy and supported the students were:

Fyodor Isaev,chief structural engineer
Svetlana Parkhomenko,head of BIM department

Sergey Bryuzgin, head of HVAC department

Evgeniy Skripka, head of Plumbing and Fire Fighting department

Sergey Sokolov, chief engineer of Plumbingand Fire Fighting department

Marina Yegorenkova, head of Construction management plans department

The participants were given 5 weeks to solve the case. At the first stage they had to distribute their roles in the team in compliance with the task and fulfill the project, as if on a real-time basis. Development of each design chapter was supervised by a dedicated specialist in this field,both from Metropolis and from departments of the university. The teams applied absolutely different approaches, with works varying in architecture, resources used, technologies of demonstrating and defending the materials, the quality of information models reviewed for possible collisions, while the presentations showed sincere interest of the participants in winning.


The jury of the final onsite stage of the case championshipconsisted of:

Fyodor Isaev,chief structural engineer
Svetlana Parkhomenko,head of BIM department
Alexey Skochegorov, director for strategic development of HILTI corporation
Alexey Davydov, director of the scientific educational centre Smart City
Olga Kuzina, director ofthe Institute for Economics, Management and Data systemsof the National research Moscow State university of Civil Engineering
Ivan Pulyaev, head of the Academic Activities Centre
Maxim Kristal, head of the IEUIS Students scientific community Studentsintellectual club

As a result of voting the winners ranked as follows:

1st place - combined team of Saint-Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering;

2nd place - BIMteam (E) of the National research Moscow State university of Civil Engineering;

3rd place - combined team of Belgorod State Technological University.


    The winners got an opportunity of practical training in Metropolis, along with commemorable prizes, first place diplomas, gold medals and an IEUIS 2019 prize.

    The participants that won the second place got an opportunity of summer training in Metropolis, commemorable prizes, second place diplomas and silver medals.

    The participants that won the third place got commemorable prizes, third place diplomas and bronze medals.

    Additionally, all the teams got an opportunity to visit construction sites and finalized buildings of Metropolis.

    The jury got interested in the students that were actively defending their projects (from among those teams that were not the winners) and invited them to come for an interview to their companies.

    Head of the marketing department of Metropolis Alla Seryogina gave a parting speech to all teams requesting them to develop their skills of public presentations along with professional skills, and noted high level of technical competence of the participants and their confidence in replying the jury's questions.

    The organizing committee of the case championship thanked all the finalists for their strive to development and obtaining new skills. May this project become an impulse for the participants in developing new ideas and practical application of their skills. Special thanks were given to colleagues for their support and assistance, that ensured high professional level of organization of this event.

    We will be happy to cooperate with students, out potential future colleagues!