Museums and historic buildings: specifics of designing buidling services

On December, 21 our colleagues attended the workshop 'Museums and historic buildings: specifics of designing building services'. 

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The Workhop was held in the Pushkin National Museum of Fine Arts. It is an outstanding cultural point of Moscow, with one of the largest collections of foreign art. During the complex reconstruction of this museum complex, building services were formed on the basis of unique technologies and best technical solutions ensuring reliable and safe operation and high level of energy efficiency.   

The Workshop was held by Evgeniy Bolotov, who is an expert in designing historic and museum buildings. At the Workshop our colleagues got an instight into the new Standard AVOK 7.7–2018 'Museums. Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning'. 

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The Workshop included a technical excursion demonstrating engineering solutions of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and smoke control ventilation systems: (domestic heating station, ventilation plantrooms, control station etc.).