Summer corporate parties of Metropolis

Let us share the most memorable moments!

Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, regatta at a yacht club

Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod offices celebrated together this year, participating in a corporate regatta at the Novy Bereg yacht club.25 sailboats with METROPOLIS flags plowed through the coast waters, which was a magnificent view! Nice weather, beautiful landscape and snow white sail great conditions for a team to connect even more!

Watch the video from the party


Saint-Petersburg, paintball and ATVs riding

Saint-Petersburg office celebrated with paintball and a ride on ATVs at Snaker club. Scenic splashes of paint and dirt raised everyone's mood and an adrenaline level to the maximum!


Kazan, team building at a recreation camp

Colleagues from Kazan organized a team building at the Glubokoe ozero recreation camp. In spite of the abnormal heat, the entertainment and sporting programs brought only positive emotions!


Thank you to all the participants for the smiles and friendly atmosphere!