Trial with obstacles Steel Character

On 11th of September Nizhny Novgorod held an extreme trial Steel Character with distances from 3 to 11 km long. Located at Habarskoe ski resort it gathered more than 1500 people who wanted to challenge themselves. On the way to finish there were various obstacles, including barriers, walls, trenches, bags, tires and many others.

The obstacles are looking hard to surmount but with the help of teammates its getting much easier. Thats why such a trial requires not only physical fitness but also a team thats in sync.


Our colleagues Maria Zharkova, Yelena Kulygina, Lyubov Batalina, Dmitry Kokoshnikov and Dmitry Ermakov took the 7 km trial. They passed 20 obstacles and in spite of difficult conditions of the route they enjoyed sunny weather and nice company. Thus they continued the tradition of all offices of Metropolis to actively participate in the most challenging sporting events.


Congratulations and wishing all of you new sporting achievements and wins in the future!