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    Primorye Grand Resort Hotel

    The hotel territory is 5 hectares, 470 m2 of which is occupied by the promenade. At your service: restaurants, a unique year-round pool complex with heated sea water, a congress center, the Lancet clinic and other pleasant additional features that will be appreciated not only by families with children, but also by individual guests. A great place for those looking for a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. The cozy space of the complex provides a pleasant retreat from the seething everyday life, while being in the very heart of the city and within walking distance from the gentle southern sea.

    Primorye GRAND RESORT HOTEL offers services for holding business and special events, seminars, trainings, negotiations. The spacious congress center covers an area of ​​623.6 m2, can accommodate up to 600 people and, if necessary, can be transformed into 6 halls for events of any level. And even the most serious of them do not pass here without a creative start. A variety of thematic meetings, their mood inspire us like the canvases of great artists. And the view of the comfortable embankment is associated with the incomparable landscapes of the creators. That is why two large areas (160-170 m2) are named after the master of landscape I.I. Levitan and the renowned painter V.I.Surikov. The other four small (45-65 m2) halls are named after I.E. Repin, A.K. Savrasov, V.D. Polenov and V.M. Vasnetsov. The center's technical equipment includes projection equipment, professional sound and lighting, and 18 configurations of varying complexity will provide all conditions for productive work. Separate meeting rooms for 6-10 people "Shishkin", "Moravov" and "Lermontov" will make it possible to successfully organize business meetings or conferences.

    One of the best in Gelendzhik, an all-season pool complex with seawater with a depth of 1.4 to 1.75 m. It is possible to get into the pool both from the hotel and from the side of the picturesque inner park. The pool water is clean and does not cause allergic reactions. It is specially prepared after being taken from the sea, and the heating equipment makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of the Black Sea resort all year round. In addition, inside the closed part of the complex glazed around the perimeter, there is a small pool of 36 m2 and a depth of 0.6 m. It also maintains a comfortable water temperature for the human body. You can have a refreshing cocktail and snack right by the pool. To do this, you do not need to leave your sun lounger: in the summer bar "VodaBar" everything is organized to serve the guests taking sunbathing. If desired, visitors to the wellness complex can relax in the sauna, as well as visit the beautiful hammam.

    Figures and facts
    • Location Gelendzhik, st. Mira, 23
    • Area 9 800 m2
    • Number of storeys 5
    • Status Built
    • Architecture Architectural Bureau "Bogachkin and Bogachkin"
    • Website Primorye Grand Hotel Resort
    Scope of work
    • Design stages Project documentation
    • Design of internal engineering systems Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems