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    ABD Architects
    Architectural bureau that successfully works in Russian market since 1991 and operates in two directions: architecture and interiors.
    AFI Development
    AFI Development is an international development company included in the list of backbone enterprises in the construction industry in Russia.
    ANO "Development of Social Infrastructure"
    Autonomous non-profit organization "Development of Social Infrastructure" works in the field of architecture, design and construction of social infrastructure facilities in Moscow and other cities of Russia.
    ANT Development
    The company is part of one of the world's largest (Top 250) construction holdings Ant Yapi and has a 30-year experience in development all over the world.
    AO "Management of Experimental Development of Neighborhoods"
    AO "Management of Experimental Development of Neighborhoods" was established in February 1994 in accordance with the Decree of the Government of Moscow, with the aim of introducing and implementing practical ideas in the construction complex of the city.
    Complex design of residential and public buildings.
    AR group
    AR group is one of the largest developers in Sochi, specializing in the implementation of residential properties of various formats and price segments (comfort, business and premium class).
    Architectural Dialogue with Megapolis
    The name ADM - "Architectural Dialogue with Megapolis" reflects the main direction of the company's activity. The architectural studio specializes in designing buildings for the modern city.
    The development company ASTERUS operates in the residential and commercial real estate market in Moscow, managing Russian and global investment funds.
    Asymptote Architecture
    Architecture. Design. Urbanism.
    Aukett Swanke
    Architecture. Design. Urbanism.
    Barkli Corporation
    Barkli Corporation is one of the oldest full-cycle development companies in Russia. The corporation has built, reconstructed and commissioned more than 300 real estate objects for various purposes.
    Blank Architects
    Architecture, Design.
    Bureau "Tsimailo, Lyashenko, Partners"
    Bureau "Tsimailo, Lyashenko and Partners" was founded in 2001. On his account, dozens of built private houses and victories in major urban planning competitions.
    Capital Group
    One of the largest Russian development companies that specializes in construction of the most complex and essential objects in Moscow - multifunctional complexes, residential and commercial real estate.
    CBMI Construction
    CBMI Construction Co., Ltd., the main subsidiary of the Chinese state corporation Sinoma.
    Coop Himmelb(l)au
    Austrian architecture bureau, founded in 1968 in Vienna by Wolf D. Prix, Helmut Swiczinsky, and Michael Holzer and renowned for its avant-garde and deconstructivist designs.
    Corporation A.N.D.
    The company provides a range of services - from investment consulting, development of concepts and pre-design work for new facilities, to management of engineering and technical operations, commercial management and marketing support of existing facilities.
    Development Fund of the Center for the Development and Commercialization of New Technologies
    The Development Fund of the Center for the Development and Commercialization of New Technologies is creating a Skolkovo center, which is unique for Russia.
    Association ENGEOCOM is one of the largest construction holdings in Russia.
    Etalon Group
    Today it is one of the largest corporations in the field of development and construction in Russia. The company focuses on residential real estate comfort, business and premium class in Moscow, Moscow region and St. Petersburg.
    Foundation "National Cultural Heritage"
    The goal of the foundation is to expand the cultural space of Russia and make the best achievements of the country's culture available to all of the citizens.
    Hals Development
    The company "Hals-Development" is one of the TOP-5 developers in Moscow.
    Hutton Development
    A development company specializing in the creation of premium and business class residential and commercial real estate.
    IKON Development
    The company is one of the leaders in the implementation of the most daring decisions in the design of residential complexes and the organization of a high-quality living environment.
    Progressive developer with state participation, implementing the best real estate projects based on an analysis and forecast of human preferences.
    Kalibr is a modern multifunctional business center, which includes a Business Center and Technopark.
    KAMEN Architects
    Leading architectural studio specializing in the development of urban planning concepts and the design of buildings and complexes for various functional purposes. The bureau's projects have won numerous prestigious awards.
    Kievskaya Square Group of Companies
    Russian development company, included in the top 100 of the official rating of the largest private companies in Russia according to Forbes magazine.
    Kleinewelt Аrchitekten
    Kleinewelt Аrchitekten — архитектурное и исследовательское бюро.
    KP BSA Luzhniki
    The state-owned enterprise of the city of Moscow (KP BSA Luzhniki) is one of the leading industrial enterprises in Moscow, specializing in the design and construction of sports facilities.
    Level Group
    Level Group is one of the leaders in the Moscow development market, one of the top 5 developers in the capital with the highest reliability rating.
    LSR Group
    LSR Group is one of the largest developers in the Russian Federation.
    Moscow bureau specializing in architecture, urban planning, applied and theoretical research. It has existed since 1998.
    The Mosinzhproekt group of companies implements a full cycle of work - from the formation of the idea of complex development of the territory or the creation of an object, design, construction, attracting investments, to the commissioning of the object and the management of real estate.
    Development of design documentation for the construction, reconstruction and restoration of buildings and structures
    MR Group
    MR Group has been successfully operating on the Russian market since 2003 and is one of the leaders in the development of residential and commercial real estate.
    Development in the fields of sports, hospitality, culture and the entertainment industry.
    The company provides a full range of services: from the creation of an architectural concept and an assessment of the urban planning potential of the territory to the development of design and working documentation.
    PSN Group
    PSN Group has been operating in the real estate market since 2000 and it is one of the largest private companies in Russia. The main activities of the company are real estate development and management.
    Renaissance Construction
    Renaissance Construction is an international construction company founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg.
    RG Development
    RG Development - a dynamic real estate development company with a portfolio which today more than 1 million m2 of residential real estate.
    Architecture, Design.
    Architecture, Design
    Scott Brownrigg
    Scott Brownrigg is a collaborative international design practice specializing in architecture, masterplanning, urbanism and interior design.
    The architectural studio of Sergei Skuratov is a private Moscow design bureau. Since its foundation in 2002, the bureau has been developing projects of varying degrees of complexity - urban development complexes, public and cultural buildings, multi-storey and private residential buildings, high-rise buildings, etc.
    Snegiri Group
    Snegiri Group (formerly the ST group) is one of the most famous and reputable development companies in Russia.
    Architectural bureau SPEECH is one of the largest design organizations in Russia. The bureau specializes in the design of buildings and complexes of various functional purposes, the development of urban planning concepts, as well as the creation of public interiors and exhibition design objects.
    STONE HEDGE — a group of companies specializing in the development and management of residential and commercial real estate in Moscow.
    Tashir group
    Tashir is the largest diversified industrial and construction group in Russia on a federal scale. It implements its activities in key areas in the leading sectors of the country's economy and unites more than 200 companies.
    The Rhythmic Gymnastics Palace - Luzhniki
    The Rhythmic Gymnastics Palace of Irina Viner-Usmanova is the largest specialized gymnastics center in the world, where not only future stars of Russian and world rhythmic gymnastics are trained, but also world-class competitions are held.
    A global manufacturer of modern transport solutions.
    UNK project
    UNK project – Russian design bureau with Western principles of work. The bureau specializes in architectural and engineering design of buildings and complexes, design of corporate interiors and public spaces.
    USM Development
    USM — a diversified Russian holding company that manages assets in the fields of metallurgy and mining, telecommunications, technology and the Internet.
    Valode & Pistre
    Architecture, Design.
    Werner Sobek
    The name Werner Sobek is synonymous with engineering, high-tech and sustainable design all over the world. The company's activities are based on the principles of high quality design, guided by advanced engineering technologies and aimed at rational energy consumption.
    Zaha Hadid Architects
    Legendary architectural bureau named after its creator. The key concept on which all of Zaha Hadid's projects are based is the design of iconic objects in the style of avant-garde and futurism.