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    Buildings reconstruction

    Building reconstruction

    The modern city has formed a steady course to preserve the historic part of the city and reconstruction of buildings with a long history. The trend is so widespread that today the most prestigious awards in the architectural and construction sector are awarded specifically for building reconstruction projects. Thanks to this trend, obsolete, unused buildings and territories are becoming modern objects of urban life.

    The main tasks of the Metropolis company when participating in reconstruction projects are often both the preservation of the historical appearance and the development of new constructive and engineering solutions. Subsequently, this makes it possible to use such objects not only according to the original purpose, but also to introduce new operational capabilities.

    Reconstruction entails a number of subtleties in the development of project documentation in accordance with the requirements of highly specialized expert bodies, for example, such as the Committee for State Control, Use and Protection of Cultural Historical Monuments. Metropolis is developing reconstruction projects, including on the basis of License to carry out activities for the preservation of cultural heritage objects (historical and cultural monuments) of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

    It is important for our specialists to find a balance in solving reconstruction problems, taking into account technical and technological limitations, cost and implementation time.

    Our team has repeatedly taken part in the reconstruction of objects of various functional purposes. Thanks to the adopted design solutions, we managed not only to preserve the historical appearance of buildings and structures, but also to introduce completely new technologies and operational capabilities. The projects developed by Metropolis specialists take into account both the requirements of the Customer and the requirements of international standards LEED, BREAM and global world organizations such as FIFA.

    Reconstruction projects:

    1. Grand Sports Arena "Luzhniki"
    2. Palace of water sports "Luzhniki"
    3. House of сulture GES-2
    4. Business center "Bolshevik"
    5. Apartment complex "Bolshaya Dmitrovka IX"
    6. Hotel "Central"