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    Architectural solutions

    Architectural solutions

    Architecture above all things is connected with life and depends on the climate, everyday life and culture, the ideology of society, the level of development of production forces, the level of development of science and technology, on the social-class structure of society.

    To complete a modern project of a building or a complex of buildings, Metropolis employs a whole group of engineers, including a team of architects. Being the vanguard of projects, an architect combines a scientist, inventor, technologist, artist, engineer, economist, lawyer, and is responsible for balance in the most important construction issues, formulated by the great Vetruvius:

    Benefit - a practical purpose, the basis of an architectural structure, which constitutes its function.

    Strength - stability and technical excellence are the main conditions of the construction. This is due to calculations, building materials, construction, technology.

    Artistic expressiveness, beauty - a compositional solution that reflects the idea of ​​the project, the level of development of science and technology, with specific artistic means expresses the ideology and aspirations of society, turns a comfortable and durable building into a work of art.