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    MISIS, 30 May 2024
    The winners of the Student League «Architecture, Design, Construction and Housing and Utilities» Engineering Championship «CASE-IN» have been announced

    On May 29 2024, the National University of Science and Technology MISIS hosted the Final of the Architecture, Design, Construction and Housing and Utilities section of the Student League of the International Engineering Championship «CASE-IN».

    «CASE-IN» is an international system of competitions for solving engineering cases. This year, Metropolis acted as a strategic partner of the Championship, consolidating the successful results of the debut of the last season.

    In 2023, at the initiative of Metropolis, the Special League «Architecture, Design and Construction» was organized for the first time within the Championship. In the new season of the championship, «Metropolis» expanded its boundaries: «Architecture, Design, Construction and Housing and Utilities» was developed as an independent section of the Student League of the Championship and was supported by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation.

    This season of the competition was attended by 85 teams from 25 universities in 19 cities of Russia and the Republic of Belarus. The participants designed a universal multifunctional complex that can be built in any populated area in Russia with minimal changes. In a multifunctional complex with an area of no more than 10,000 sq. m., it was necessary to provide various public spaces: offices, a food court, a cafe, a fitness center, a SPA, a children's club, a bank, etc. During designing, the students considered the principles of lean manufacturing, applied modern architectural and construction design technologies and used artificial intelligence services.

    Completion of the final competitions of the International Engineering Championship «CASE-IN»

    Based on the results of 7 qualifying stages, 11 teams from 8 universities reached the final. More than 30 experts from the «Metropolis» were involved in all stages, including members of the expert committee for the final competition, which included:

    1. Alexander Vorozhbitov, CEO
    2. Muhamed Nasser, co-founder and commercial director
    3. Alexander Pronin, head of the architectural department
    4. Alexey Kushchenko, head of the design department
    5. Sergey Bryuzgin, head of the HVAC department

    The winner of the Student League in the «Architecture, Design, Construction and Housing and Utilities» category was the zames de betono team from the St. Petersburg Mining University..

    3 prize-winning places were distributed as follows:

    1. 1st place — zames de betono, Saint Petersburg Mining University
    2. 2nd place — INSIGHT, Saint Petersburg Mining University
    3. 3rd place — BIM-Spirit, Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

    In addition to the prize places in the main program, the teams were awarded in 2 nominations, where the participants themselves determined the winners by electronic voting.

    Breakthrough solution:

    1. INSIGHT, Saint Petersburg Mining University

    Best video business card:

    1. zames de betono, Saint Petersburg Mining University
    2. «ArchiStroy» — Astrakhan State Technical University

    Metropolis traditionally offered the winners and finalists internships and the opportunity for further employment in its offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov and Sevastopol. As in the previous year, the winning teams received cash prizes ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 rubles.

    In his welcoming speech to the finalists, Deputy Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities of the Russian Federation Sergey Muzychenko pointed out the significant expansion of the competition’s geography, and Minister of Construction of the Russian Federation Irek Faizullin noted the merits of Metropolis with a letter of thanks.

    «Work on this project is not only an opportunity for students to gain practical skills, but also great opportunities for our company. As part of the championship, we develop our own competencies in administration, management, delegation and communication. I am sure that the students also gained not only new experience, but also vivid impressions and new friends! I would like to believe that some of the «CASE-IN» participants will be able to become our colleagues in the future», - Alexander Vorozhbitov, CEO of «Metropolis» said.

    Alexander Vorozhbitov, CEO of «Metropolis»

    We congratulate the winners and look forward to seeing you at the open days at our offices!