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    31 August 2022
    Sports victories of METROPOLIS in August

    24 August

    Volleyball League of Innovations Cup of Technopark "Kalibr", Moscow

    Sports tournaments are one of the most beloved annual traditions of the Kalibr technopark, of which our Moscow office is a resident. In past years, five-a-side football competitions were held on the territory of the technopark, and this year, according to the results of an internal survey, volleyball became the most popular sport, and it was decided to organize the first tournament of the Innovation Volleyball League!

    The METROPOLIS team successfully reached the final and fought for the status of the winner with the Rubytech team. In a tense struggle for first place, we went side by side for two games, but with a three-point lead, Rubytech was able to win. The second place will be an incentive for us to train further and a sporting challenge to take 1st place next year!

    The results of the Volleyball League of Innovations Cup of Technopark "Kalibr":

    1st place - Rubytech
    2nd place - METROPOLIS
    3rd place - "Complex-Bar"

    Volleyball League of Innovations

    21 August 

    MARATHON 800 in Nizhny Novgorod

    MARATHON 800 is a large-scale event for runners in Nizhny Novgorod. The race was held in the very heart of the city: the Nizhny Novgorod stadium, picturesque embankments, the Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, the Chkalov Stairs, estates of merchant times and cathedrals of different centuries.

    10 of our colleagues successfully completed the challenge and passed the distances:

    1. 10 kilometers - Sergei Khalezov, Anton Kharitonov, Dmitry Kokoshnikov, Alexander Fedotov;
    2. 3 kilometers - Dmitry Ermakov, Nikolai Akhromeev, Elena Kulygina, Maria Zharkova, Matvey Dubovikov, Sergei Akhromeev.

    14 August 

    GROM Big Moscow triathlon

    Vladimir Medvedkin, Chief Specialist of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning department, was able to conquer 3 kinds of sports! The Great Moscow Triathlon was held on the territory of the Krylatskoye training and sports center. The race consisted of three stages, which follow one after another: swimming, cycling and running.

    Результат Владимира Медведкина — 05:12:19.

    Swimming — 1.9 km — 33 min, Cycling — 90 km — 2h 44 min, Running — 21.1 km — 1h 49 min.

    Страница 2.png GROM Big Moscow triathlon

    07 August

    Half marathon "Northern Capital" in St. Petersburg

    Mikhail Utkin, Chief Specialist of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning group, took part in a sports run - the Northern Capital Half Marathon in St. Petersburg. The route of the 10 km race passed in one circle through the historical center of the city. The participants had a view of the Kazan Cathedral, the Peter and Paul Fortress, the Rostral Columns, the Admiralty and St. Isaac's Cathedral.

    The result of Mikhail Utkin — 0:45:35.

    Страница 5.png Half marathon "Northern Capital"

    We congratulate our colleagues on successfully overcoming sports challenges and wish them further success!