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    Internal engineering systems

    Internal engineering systems

    Internal engineering systems are a complex of engineering systems of buildings that allows for the comfortable operation of a building in accordance with its purpose.

    The Metropolis company has many years of experience in the development of projects for internal engineering systems:

    Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

    1. general exchange and anti-smoke ventilation
    2. heating and heat supply
    3. refrigeration
    4. substations and refrigeration centers

    Water supply and sewerage systems

    1. cold and hot water supply
    2. fire-fighting water supply
    3. wastewater
    4. automatic water fire extinguishing
    5. pumping stations

    Power supply systems

    1. electrical equipment
    2. lightning protection and grounding
    3. electric lighting
    4. 10 / 20kV transformer substations, input distribution devices
    5. backup power

    Fire safety systems

    1. automatic fire alarm
    2. warning and management of evacuation of people in case of fire
    3. evacuation electric lighting
    4. modular powder / gas fire extinguishing installations

    Safety systems

    1. burglar alarm
    2. access control and management
    3. CCTV