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    22 April 2024
    Metropolis at Systeme Electric Innovation Summit

    On April 15-18, the Innovation Summit 2024 took place at the Expocentre international business hub, organized by the Russian company System Electric, a manufacturer of integrated solutions in the field of power distribution and automation. The key theme of the event: «Technological partnership – uniting the best».

    On April 16, System Electric and the Metropolis company entered into a partnership agreement. The document was signed by CEO of System Electric, Alexey Kashaev, and the Managing Partner, Deputy CEO of the Metropolis company, Oleg Baranov..

    Oleg Baranov and Alexey Kashaev after signing the partnership agreement

    The agreement involves combining efforts in developing the scientific, technical, intellectual and production potential of companies in order to increase the energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of construction projects in Russia, as well as the exchange of information in the field of architectural and construction design and the latest developments in electrical equipment of the brands Systeme Electric.

    «The construction industry is one of the most actively developing in Russia. Our company can offer a wide range of solutions for industry leaders, which include the Metropolis company. We look forward to long-term mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation», - said Alexey Kashaev, CEO of System Electric.

    «We are pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate with one of the leading manufacturers of electrical equipment for civil and industrial construction projects; we have many joint plans to exchange experience and implement joint research, information, and educational initiatives», - emphasized Oleg Baranov, managing partner, deputy CEO of Metropolis.

    As part of the business program of the summit, Oleg Baranov and Alla Seregina, Marketing Director of Metropolis, spoke at a privat session for design organizations. Along with representatives of NOTIM and the St. Petersburg Mining University named after Empress Catherine II, the experts touched upon the topic of modern tools for shaping the labor market in the architectural and construction industry, which is without a doubt one of the key issues for the market at the moment.

    Privat session for heads of design organizations

    The relevance of this topic was confirmed by the reaction of the audience, which was actively involved in the discussion. As a result, one of the most promising areas was identified: involving universities in long-term interaction with employing companies. Metropolis has been actively cooperating with specialized educational institutions for several years, in particular, for the second year in a row it has been the initiator and strategic partner of the student league of the «Architecture, Design, Construction and Housing and Public Utilities» direction of the International Engineering Championship CASE-IN.

    «This is not the easiest way, but it is effective. Students from the finalist teams traditionally get the opportunity to have an internship at the Metropolis offices, and the best of them receive a job offer and join our team as employees. Participation of student teams in CASE-IN is a chance to gain experience in solving professional problems in conditions as close as possible to business realities, the ability to build communications in a project team and defend their solutions. Young professionals gain an understanding of what a competitive environment and feel involved in the professional community», - Alla Seregina said.