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    7 July 2023
    Open Doors Days for students in Metropolis offices

    On June 1, the winners of the Special League "Architecture, design and construction" of the international engineering championship CASE-IN were determined, with the Metropolis company acting as the partner of the league.

    Let's relive the best moments from this day.

    For the winners and finalists of the Special League, Metropolis offered paid internships and opportunities for further employment in its branches. During the internship, young specialists will get acquainted with the design stages, find out what tasks are solved by different departments, what tools they use, how they interact with adjacent departments, who manages the project and how.

    Acquaintance with the future employer for the students began with the Open Doors Days at the Metropolis offices in St. Petersburg, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod.

    As part of these visits, a presentation of the career program was held - company representatives spoke to students about the opportunities for development, the differences of various areas in the field of architectural and construction design, conducted a tour of the office, and introduced them to future colleagues.

    One of the company's ambassadors who attended all three events was Olga Lyubartseva, Head of Architectural and Construction Sector of Metropolis. “We have about 15 specialties in the field of architectural and construction design, we explained to students which specializations they can pursue in our company,” Olga said.

    Experienced employees and young professionals who are already members of the Metropolis team shared their experience with the visitors. For instance, Maxim Geibo, a graduate of Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, now working as a Chief Project Engineer Assistant in the company's Moscow headquarters, connected online for the meetings in all three offices and talked about his path to the profession, as well as what projects he is currently working on. Maxim recommended that students actively interact with senior colleagues and study all dimensions of the chosen specialization and adjacent areas. He also conducted a master class on designing an educational organization.

    Practical skills and the ability to work with professional software are an important part of the training of young professionals, and growth in this direction was also discussed with the students. “We plan to involve interns in the development of projects. Perhaps some will first have to get the skills to work in specialized software, while others will immediately get involved in the process,” comments Olga Lyubartseva.

    St. Petersburg

    On June 23, the Open Doors Day was held in the St. Petersburg office of Metropolis. Alexander Vorozhbitov, General Director of Metropolis, Elona Balatbiyeva, Head of the Human Resources Department, and Olga Lyubartseva came from Moscow especially for this event. They spoke to more than 20 students about career development in architecture, engineering, and project management. In addition, Alisa Denisova, Head of the Branch in St. Petersburg, Alexander Moshkin, Chief Project Engineer, and Sergey Bravkov, HVAC Design Engineer, talked to the visitors and answered questions about the life of the company.

    Among the participants of the Open Doors Day were the champions of the Special League "Architecture, Design and Construction" - the BROYZ team, which included students from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University of Peter the Great Ekaterina Zorina, Artem Gazha, Lyudmila Morshchakova, Uliana Popova, Valeria Kozodaeva, Olga Chernaya and Yulia Rodnenko.

    “Success for us is when the visible result is many times bigger than the labor costs,” says Valeria Kozodaeva, a member of the team. – At the championship, we were able to improve our professional and soft skills and make a name for ourselves in front of the experts of the Metropolis company. Right now, the paths of development in architecture and construction are open to us, one of which is a long-term internship in this company. We will try our best not to miss the chances to grow and show our strengths so that the wave of success doesn't leave us.”

    “The most memorable was the presentation of the company’s development: we, as future specialists, have to know what Metropolis is about,” shared Uliana Popova. – “In addition, I would like to point out personal stories of the company’s employees: it was interesting to listen to current specialists.”

    “We are free to take an internship in any department that interests us, try ourselves in a new role or delve into a section already familiar to us,” explains team captain Ekaterina Zorina. – “We will have the opportunity to work in a group led by accomplished employees who will share their experience and will help you learn new programs, plug-ins and tasks much faster. The General Director said that if our work suits them, then the offer can arrive even on the 3rd day of the internship!”


    On June 27, the Kazan office of Metropolis hosted the Open Doors Day. The event was attended by 16 students, among whom were the bronze medalists of the case championship team "KGASU-1". Oleg Baranov, Deputy General Director, and Olga Lyubartseva, in the format of a live dialogue, told the students about working in Metropolis and the prospects for interns. Denis Shvartsman, Head of Kazan branch, Yana Klyueva, Design Engineer of Water Supply, Sewerage and Fire-Fighting Systems, and Tatyana Fedorova, Design Engineer of Water Supply, Sewerage and Fire-Fighting Systems, also answered questions from the guests.

    Maxim Pavlov, captain of the team "KGASU-1", notes that Metropolis is favorably disposed towards interns with a bachelor degree and supports their wish to work: “It is important for us that we can participate in the development of unique projects that require modern and progressive solutions.”

    Nizhny Novgorod

    The Open Doors Day in the Nizhny Novgorod office of Metropolis was held on June 30th. Alexander Vorozhbitov and Olga Lyubartseva made a presentation about the company for students, and Polina Gorokhova, who works in the company as an architect, spoke about her experience at Metropolis, participation in projects and development prospects as a young specialist. Georgy Merzlyuk, Head of the Nizhny Novgorod branch, conducted a tour of the office for the visitors.

    Once again, congratulations to all the Special League winners and finalists! Looking forward to working together!