Search recommendations, 31 January 2023
    Metropolis is in the top 10 best employers in Russia

    On January 31, HeadHunter presented the annual Russian Employer Rating for 2022 based on external data about companies, their internal processes, and the results of surveys of employees and job applicants.

    Metropolis took 1st place in the field of "Design, Architecture" and 9th place in all fields among companies with 251 to 1,000 employees.

    We are extremely grateful for such high evaluations and proud of this result. The annual improvement of the company's position in the Employer Rating proves our continuous progress and better conditions for employees who have the opportunity to participate in the implementation of the best construction projects in the country.

    The Russian Employer Rating has been published by HeadHunter since 2010, and now it is the largest rating in the country in terms of the number of participants and the volume of parameters. This year, 1,996 companies applied for participation, but only 1,082 participants reached the final. All companies were divided into 4 categories according to the number of employees:

    1. from 5,001 employees;
    2. from 1,001 to 5,000 employees;
    3. from 251 to 1,000 employees;
    4. from 100 to 250 employees.

    The rating takes into account 3 main indicators: external evaluation of job applicants, internal evaluation of employees and the development of HR processes in the company.

    The internal score reflects the opinion of employees about the company and is determined using the Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS). Participating companies conduct an online survey among their employees. It allows you to collect an objective opinion of the staff about the current employer, determine the level of loyalty to him and the willingness to recommend him as a future place of work. The employee eNPS survey accounts for 40% of the company's total score.

    External respondents, job seekers from, are also involved in assessing the employer brands that participate in the rating. Each of them can take a poll and vote for only three companies in each industry that they consider attractive employers. Applicants' score accounts for 40% of the company's total score.

    Evaluation of the performance of the HR department is carried out by HR specialists filling in a professional questionnaire developed by HeadHunter analysts. Its results allow assessing the efficiency of the company's HR team, its progress and compare it with competitors in the industry. The assessment of the HR department accounts for 20% in the total score of the company.

    The final place of the participating company in the overall rating is determined by the total value of all three indicators.

    We thank all the colleagues and job applicants for high evaluation and congratulate the company on getting into the top 10 best middle-sized employers in the country!

    The full rating can be found on the website of the Employer Rating.