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    Moscow, 26 May 2023
    Metropolis at Innovation Summit 2023

    On May 24-25, Technopolis Moscow hosted Innovation Summit 2023, organized by Systeme Electric.

    Innovation Summit 2023 is a large-scale conference and exhibition in the field of electric power and automation, which takes place in Moscow for the 4th time and for the first time as an event of a Russian company Systeme Electric.

    Innovation Summit gives specialists from various industries the opportunity for a high-quality discussion on the most pressing professional issues, and also forms a platform for demonstrating modern software solutions and equipment for industrial automation, power distribution, data centers, building automation, etc.

    This year, more than 50 thematic sessions were held at the exhibition space of 3,000 m2, where 70 expert speakers discussed pressing topics for the industry, such as “Challenges of technological independence in the energy sector and ways to solve them in the era of import substitution”, “Technological independence in the field of power electrical equipment”, “Digital transformation in turbulent conditions”, etc.

    During the event, guests were invited for sightseeing tours of the exhibition space with the latest equipment in the field of energy, industrial and building automation, engineering infrastructure of the data center, electrical installation products, etc.

    Oleg Baranov, Deputy General Director of Metropolis, and Georgy Merzlyuk, Head of the Nizhny Novgorod branch of Metropolis, took part in this event. Oleg Baranov also acted as a speaker at the meeting of the Heads of Design Organizations Club on the topic "Technological independence in new realities".

    You can find more information about Innovation Summit 2023 on the website of the event.