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    13 January 2022
    New Year parties of Metropolis

    In December 2021, Metropolis teams in 4 cities met the upcoming holidays with New Year's corporate parties. Each of them was unique in its own fashion, but all turned out to be bright, cheerful and memorable.

    Moscow, December 24

    The Moscow office celebrated the approach of the New Year in the restaurant "Yar" – it’s a majestic place in the Russian national style with an exceptionally rich history. Almost 300 people freely fit in a spacious banquet hall, where one could not only enjoy Russian cuisine, but also take a picture near a Christmas tree or order a portrait from a caricaturist.

    The cultural program included a host, a DJ, a wine casino, a dance group, a cover group, an illusionist and a duet of accordion players, so the evening turned out to be rich, sparkling and unforgettable.

    Watch the videoclip of the event

    Kazan, December 23

    The Metropolis team in Kazan celebrated in the Chateau banquet hall in the style of Casino Royale – the participants tried to hit the jackpot in the casino and win a huge amount of fake dollars. In addition, the program included a host, a DJ and a delicious buffet of food and drinks, so there were definitely no losers on this day.

    St. Petersburg, December 17

    The St. Petersburg team held a New Year corporate party in the Tiramisu loft space. Delicious food, a host with an entertainment program and cheerful dances provided all guests with a great festive mood.

    Nizhny Novgorod, December 17

    The Nizhny Novgorod office of Metropolis celebrated the New Year in a similar fashion – a banquet at the ANDREA'S restaurant, a positive friendly atmosphere, a host, a festive table, a lot of laughter and memorable moments.

    Thanks to everyone who attended and celebrated with us! We wish you success, always a positive state of mind and only victories in 2022!