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    city clinical hospital named after S.P. Botkin, 14 December 2023
    The flagship center of the Botkin Hospital was opened in Moscow

    On December 13, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin opened a new flagship center at the city clinical hospital named after S.P. Botkin. On the same day the center received its first patients.

    Construction of a seven-story flagship center of the city clinical hospital named after S.P. Botkin with an area of 16.4 thousand square meters began in June 2020 and ended in December 2023. The Metropolis company acted as the general designer of the facility, and also developed architectural, technological, structural and engineering solutions at the stages of project documentation and detailed design.

    The building will be able to receive up to 200 emergency patients per day; they will receive the full range of necessary care - diagnostics, surgical treatment and intensive care during the first day of hospitalization.

    Doctors have nine modern operating rooms. The emergency department, located on the ground floor, operates on the principle of “triage” (from the French triage - sorting, selection). Incoming patients are distributed depending on the priority of care: “red” who require resuscitation or emergency surgery, “yellow” who need priority examination by a doctor and “green” - everyone else.

    There is a helipad on the roof of the flagship center to transport patients by air ambulance. Medical transport can approach the building along a one-way driveway; for unloading patients, a heated vestibule is equipped, designed for the simultaneous entry of four cars. In case of an emergency, six cars can be accommodated here.

    The new building also houses a CT scan room and an angiography operating room; small operating rooms; emergency department (examination rooms for patients in the green zone); diagnostic block - CT, ultrasound and x-ray rooms; procedural endoscopies and diagnostic department; intensive care unit; six more operating rooms (hybrid and five general) with recovery rooms for patients recovering from anesthesia, as well as a laboratory research unit.

    The flagship center has created a comfortable environment for relatives and friends of patients, as well as work and rest for staff. In addition to the most modern equipment, the hospital provides the principle of a digital clinic - medical documentation is maintained exclusively in electronic form. This allows you to avoid spending doctors’ working hours filling out paper documentation and focus on patients.

    Now a large-scale hospital modernization project is near to completion. Most of the buildings have been completely reconstructed, and work on the remaining three will be completed in the near future.