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    Construction Weekly, 7 September 2021
    Vertical transport in city infrastructure

    Viktor Lebedinsky

    Metropolis company took part in reconstruction of Patriarshy bridge which locates right in the heart of the capital. The footbridge through the Moscow River joins the territory of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour and a new cultural complex «GES-2». "Construction Weekly" №8 (926), 2021 published a commentary by Viktor Lebedinsky, Chief Project Engineer of Metropolis, regarding vertical transport in city infrastructure and, in particular, in reconstruction of Patriarshy bridge:

    An important aspect of designing the object was to develop a vertical transport as part of reconstruction work and provide a harmonious combination of architectural and technological solutions.

    Metropolis company paid a lot of attention to availability of the adjoining objects for people with limited mobility. First of all, it means people moving on wheel-chairs. But in practice vertical transport can be useful to anybody, including the aged, parents with baby strollers and other groups of citizens.

    Architectural design was inspired by the proximity to GES-2 complex. Using standard architectural solutions that are used, for example, for designing pedestrian overpasses would be impractical. Three 13-meter elevator shafts appear as fully glassed-in metal structure that preserves a visual lightness. Elevator cabins are also glassed-in, which gives an opportunity to look at a new angle at historical archs of Smirnovs’ warehouses and a new birch grove opposite of «GES-2» workshops.

    After elaborating numerous options for designing the elevator shafts we decided to make the structurally separated installations on their own foundations. It allowed avoiding the influence of temperature deformations of the bridge on the elevator shafts and excluding the transmission of pressure to the transitory installation from the side of the elevator shafts.

    For keeping the required temperature setting when the elevators are operating we introduced ventilation and refrigeration systems with unit reserving according to the scheme 1+1. While calculating the temperature setting and the efficiency of the ventilation systems we used mathematical modeling technologies on the Simcenter STAR CCM+ software package.

    Communication between all participants of the projects played a crucial role in it. The collaborative effort from Moscow Construction Department, technical ordering customer OOO «GES-2» and operating organization GBU «Gormost» made it possible to realize a truly unique, significant bridge for the city!»

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