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    14 April 2021
    Smoke ventilation systems. Regulatory requirements and practical solutions

    On April 14, in St. Petersburg, within the framework of the Engineerica international exhibition of equipment for heating, water supply, ventilation and climatic systems, an ABOK master class was held on the topic “Smoke ventilation systems. Regulatory Requirements and Practical Solutions”.

    The lecturer was Boris Kolchev, Deputy Head of Department of the Research Center for Normative and Technical Problems of Fire Safety of the All-Russian Order "Badge of Honor" of the Research Institute of Fire Defense of the EMERCOM of Russia.

    During the master class, the issues of new documents in the system of standardizing the smoke protection of buildings and structures in Russia and abroad, the installation of smoke ventilation systems, as well as clarifications of the current regulatory requirements and practical solutions on the design and equipment of smoke ventilation systems were considered.

    The master class was attended by our colleagues - Kirill Pivovarov, Group Leader of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning department, Alexander Nikulin, Chief Specialist of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning department, and Alexander Kanatov, Group Leader of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning department. All participants of the master class were provided with trial access to the ABOK online program "Calculation of the parameters of smoke protection systems for residential and public buildings". All colleagues noted the high level of organization of the event and the deep study of issues in the report.