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    multifunctional complex
    Complex with a hotel in Minsk

    An investment project for the development of a site through the construction of a multifunctional complex on it, consisting of four separate buildings with the following functional purpose:

    Hotel (operator "Kempinski") - 1st stage

    2 residential buildings (Apartments) - 2 and 3 stages

    Office building (Business center "A" class) - stage 4

    The multifunctional complex is an elegant complex of buildings that combines the characteristics of modern European architecture, local characteristics, as well as innovative developments.

    Figures and facts
    • Location Belarus, Minsk
    • Area 60 000 m2
    • Status Project
    • Architecture Speech
    Scope of work
    • Design stages Project documentation
    • Architectural and structural design Masterplan plan

      Architectural solutions

      Technological solutions

      Structural solutions
    • Design of internal engineering systems Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

      Water supply and sewerage systems

      Power supply systems

      Low-current system

      Automation and dispatching systems
    • External utilities heat supply

      water supply and sewerage

      electrical power supply

      electrical lighting
    • Organization of construction works production plan
    • Special sections Energy efficiency