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    Volna is a unique surf park that will be built in Khoroshevo-Mnevniki as part of one of the largest sports clusters in Moscow. It will be the only indoor surf park in the world with a professional wave generation equipment for 24/7 year-round surfing.

    The pool the size of 5 football fields will have two-meter waves, an equipped beach, as well as all the necessary infrastructure: a SPA complex, crossfit, changing rooms and showers, playgrounds, a kids club, a beauty salon, restaurants, cafes, a shop, a coworking space and other premises. For the convenience of regular customers, long-term storage of surfboards and the necessary equipment and accessories is provided.

    The purpose of the complex is to popularize surfing, attract beginners and develop children's sports.

    On April 21, 2022, the Metropolis company won the 5th Sport Business Awards with the Volna surf park project in the Design Bureau of the Year category.

    Visualisation: Werner Sobek

    The wave generator is designed in such a way that up to 80 people of different skill levels can ride in the pool at the same time. The wave is capable of generating up to 1000 waves per hour. Each zone creates waves of different sizes and shapes to provide the perfect conditions for everyone from kids to professional surfers.

    Light, airy and sunny atmosphere of this exotic resort is provided by a glass facade and roof lanterns. On the adjacent territory, the elaborated exterior lighting of the building and the surrounding area, a long skate track, pleasant music and recreation areas will be implemented. Acoustic treatment of the lagoon room is to combat the noise spreading from the artificial waves.

    Speaking about the structural solutions of the complex, based on a deep study of world experience, it was decided to use cable-stayed structures to cover large spans. The pool cover is formed by three cable networks stretched between metal trusses and facade beams, thus ensuring the uniqueness and exclusivity of the structure as a whole.

    The surf park has a TV broadcasting system that will allow performing the widest range of transmission of what is happening in Volna from various angles, providing a broadcast on TV and via the Internet. With the help of high-tech interior screens and media facades, the content will be displayed in and around the complex.

    Visualisation: Werner Sobek

    With the help of modern access and control systems, as well as fire protection systems, the safety and reliability of the complex as a whole is ensured.

    Specialized software and automation tools control and synchronize the operation of wave generation, light, sound and other multimedia equipment.

    Visualisation: Werner Sobek

    The Metropolis company is the general designer of the project. Metropolis is working on design solutions and internal engineering systems, as well as coordinating a pool of participants, including architects, designers, technologists, and investors. When developing design solutions, the most modern technologies are applied, including BIM and CFD modeling.

    For effective functioning all year round, a huge design work is carried out with the participation of foreign partners (authors of wave generation technology), the surfing federation, the business community and professional operators of the sports industry.

    Figures and facts
    • Year 2022
    • Location Moscow, Mnevnikovskaya floodplain, office No. 11
    • Area 44 000 m2
    • Building volume 419 000 m3
    • Height 31,5 m
    • Number of storeys 4
    • Number of underground storeys 1
    • Status Project
    • Architecture Werner Sobek
    • Investor ESN Group
    • Customer OOO «Surf park «Volna»
    Scope of work
    • Design stages Concept

      Project documentation
    • Architectural and structural design Masterplan plan

      Architectural solutions

      Technological solutions

      Structural solutions
    • Design of internal engineering systems Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

      Water supply and sewerage systems

      Power supply systems

      Low-current system

      Automation and dispatching systems
    • External utilities water supply and sewerage

      electrical power supply

      electrical lighting

      communication networks
    • Organization of construction works production plan

      traffic management project

      Technological regulations for handling construction and demolition waste
    • Special sections Environmental protection measures

      Measures to ensure access for people with disabilities

      Energy efficiency

      Measures for safe operation of buildings

      Fire safety measures